On Da Dancefloor

On Da Dancefloor

August 1, 2014
EDM, pop, dance
Adam Preston, Rachel Layton
DJ TRAKZ, LaQuaria Ghetti

On Da Dancefloor is a single by LaQuaria Ghetti, featuring American producer DJ TRAKZ. The song was originally recorded by TRAKZ and Rachel Layton (known together as Faces), until Layton decided not to use the song and gave it to collaborator LaQuaria Ghetti. Ghetti recorded the song with TRAKZ's production. It is the third single from The Samantha Diaries. It s the first song where LaQuaria doesnt rap, and only sings, it is also her first EDM song. TRAKZ's fiancee Amara remixed the song by adding extra drums, a drop and an extended intro and outro. The official remix features Layton's original vocals from the demo, and as TRAKZ is featured on the song, the song credits the duo Faces as featured artists on the official remix. The remix will be featured as a b-side to the original song. On July 27, 2014 an extended version is released as a buzz single for the re release of The Samantha Diaries.

Lyrics (verse 1)

Everybody, dancing

Loving it even more

But when you walk in

I feel, like I've seen you before

I know we only just met

But I wanna go to the next level

Come on boy, dont be shy

I know you dont want to hide

(chorus x2)

So much, love on the dancefloor tonight

I want to be with you now

So much, love on the dancefloor tonight

Come on boy, love me tonight

(verse 2)

I know you want it

You wanna love it

I know you wanna stay

I know you think i'm

A freaking queen

You wanna love me tonight

I know we only just met

But I wanna go to the next level

Come on boy, dont be shy

I know you dont wanna hide

(chorus x2)

(verse 3)

You make me feel so alive

I just want you

Yeah I want you

So much love

On the floor

(chorus x4)

(instrumental outro)

Music VideoEdit

On July 7, 2014 she tweeted a picture of her with her choreographer with the caption "On Da Dancefloor video...coming soon". The next day a video of her performing a very fast and hard dance routine was released, a long with a message saying "Something gonna happen at 3:30pm, mark your calenders" leading people to believe the music video will be released then. The video was not released at that time, but instead LaQuaria and TRAKZ appeared at the Springfield Mall for a surprise performance/flash mob with her backup dancers. The full performance (showing the publics reactions) was released on LaQuaria's VEVO account titled "LaQuaria Ghetti - On Da Dancefloor (Live at Springfield Mall) ft. DJ TRAKZ". It was confirmed that the official music video will be released the next day. The video was released for the original and the Amara remix, however, both videos are the same, but slightly edited. A behind the scenes video was released on August 1, 2014. On August 2, 2014 a second video was released, featuring the clips from previous video shoots and parts of her performing the song as the opening act of the Livin' Life Tour.


The video begins with LaQuaria lying on a bed, however her mirror breaks and a male hand reaches out, he pulls LaQuaria into an alternate dimension. After a futuristic costume change, she dances with him and kisses him. TRAKZ is seen in scenes featuring him playing the song in a futuristic room. The glass breaks when he turns it up louder. LaQuaria dances with her partner, but eventually realises she will have to say goodbye, so she does and steps back into reality. She breaks her mirror, expecting to end up back in the alternate dimension, but instead the mirror is just blank. She goes to sleep, and wakes up back in the dimension with her lover beside her.

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