Open Season is a single by Rapsta Chik, she released the single via Twitter and soon submitted the song to YouTube and then fully released the single on iTunes. Rapsta and new husband Bart Simpson released the single in Hawaii during Rapsta's maternity leave. In the song Rapsta surprised people when she started out smooth and then went all Rockstar.

Lyrics =Edit

(da da da da da da da)......SHIIIIIT BITCH

Fuck a mutha bitch lick it up

I think you need a dick to fuck

And The odd bitch's clit

Rock the bed, and the world

Wanna taste my cookies boy and try some fuckin' juice

You a cocaine addict but I love your dick

Now grab yo guitar and rock out

Hey Bitch

It's open season

O-o-open season

Hey bitch

Did ya bring ya gun

B-b-bring ya gun.

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