Over is the second and final studio album by Isla Chan. It was released unexpectedly and unannounced on September 13, 2014. Two singles were released as the album was released. The singles were "Burns" and "I Need You" featuring English trance group Above & Beyond. After the albums release many celebrities took to Twitter to promote the album. The album had been recorded over the summer of 2014 after the release of EDM EP "Heart". According to Chan, "Heart" was a lead up to the album. Zero Fucks Given, featuring Ashley Simpson is the third single. A remix of "Crazy For U" by Tiësto was released January 28, 2014. The album is the final album by Isla due to her death in a car accident in 2015.

Track Listing Edit

1. I Need You (featuring Above & Beyond)

2. The Future

3. Surviving (featuring Felicia)

4. You're My Hero (featuring Evan Connors of Trio3)

5. Burns

6. Grenade

7. Fighting It (featuring Owl City)

8. Zero Fucks Given (featuring Ashley Simpson)

9. Crazy For U

10. Give Up To Me

11. Hate (featuring Madonna and Krist Novoselic)

12. That's The Way It Goes (Zedd Remix)

13. UR 2 L8 (Pt. 4) (featuring Rapsta Chik and Rachel Layton)

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