June 15, 2014
Rachel Layton, Amethyst Kelly, Austin Greyhound
DJ Dahi, Switch

 POWR is a single by Rachel Layton, featuring Austin Greyhound and Iggy Azalea. The song is a dark electroclash song. POWR was originally written by Layton to give to Amara and LaQuaria Ghetti from The Eyes official soundtrack. Amara and Ghetti recorded POWR and Horrify and asked the director which one he as the soundtracks single. Horrify was chosen and POWR was scrapped, until Rachel Layton heard Austin Greyhound singing in the studio. Rachel asked him if he wanted to appear on the song and she played him the demo. They both agreed the song needed a female rapper, so they offered it to Rapsta Chik, Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks and Trina, all of them rejected. Then Iggy Azalea heard the demo and decided to write her verse. Then Austin helped write the song and recorded chorus vocals. And in May 2014 the song was announced as the second single from Layton's debut album Fire. Critics loved the use of autotune on the chorus. Iggy Azalea's verse contained a vocal sample from her Ariana Grande collaboration "Problem". In August 2014, Layton called it her favorite song on the album.


(chorus: Layton)

I'm gonna be, a hero

Im gonna make it, my mission

Im gonna be, My own savior

From here there is no going back

Because you know, I got the power

Yah you know, I got that power

I know, I got that power

Power, Power

(verse 1: Iggy)

Its Iggy Igs

Uh, what you got

Hey, Girl power

Super powers

I'm a superhero

Don't fear, Iggy is hear

And I'm gettin bitches down like a motherfucking elevator

I aint who you wanna play with

Ain't who you wanna fight with

Bitch you ain't got what I got

You aint got anything, you wont get anything

Once i'm done with you

Yo Rachel (uh huh)

What you want

Imma keep gettin em down like dayum!

(chorus 2: Austin Greyhound)

I'm gonna make you, fear for your life

Better watch out, I'm patroling the city

I'm superman, fightin crime

I ain't who you, wanna start with

(verse 2: Layton)

I bet you think

You know me

Dear, you have no Idea

I bet you think

That you are hot

Well guess you're wrong for a different reason

I'm a superhero

Your a super zero

But hey, i'm gonna break it down

Down (down...down) HEY!

(instrumental breakdown)

(chorus 1: Greyhound)

(chorus 2: Layton)

(Chorus 1 & 2: Layton and Greyhound)

Music VideoEdit

A teaser for the video was released on June 3, 2014, the video was released to Layton's VEVO account on June 6.


It begins with Layton surrounded by a group of people in a dirty corridor, Layton and the people perform an elabotate dance routine during the chorus. During Iggy's rap she is seen in a black car with two gagged and bound men in the backseat. Layton and the dancers continue dancing through out her verses and choruses. During Greyhound's chorus he is seen in an abandoned room. During parts when Layton and Greyhound sing together they sing and dance with split screens. At the end of the video Layton runs into Greyhound's room and the pair jump out the window.

Studio VersionEdit

Like she did with Battles, a second version of the video featuring a stripped down version of the song being performed in a studio was released on August 10. Greyhound was performing with Layton in the studio, but Azalea wasn't present.

Director's CutEdit

The directors cut of the video was completely different. It was released on August 11, 2014. And featured a whole different synopsis, and a slightly higher pitched version of the song. The corridor scenes are still featured, but new scenes featuring Layton escaping a prison, and scratching her leg on barbed wire in the process were featured. The scenes of Greyhound in the room were replaced by scenes of him being chased by police in a blue Pontiac. Iggy's scenes include her in the car, but the men in the back seat are gone, and she uses the car to help Layton escape. Layton and Iggy crash into a police car and join Greyhound. The video ends with Iggy driving her car into Greyhound's in order to make sure the police don't catch them. Both cars explode and on the wreckage a CD of Layton's album Fire was found in the glovebox.

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