Party (Oh Oh Woah)


April 2, 2014
Dance, house
Isla Chan, Richard Brooks, Adam Preston
DJ TRAKZ, Young Prince

 Party (Oh Oh Woah) is the third single by Asian-American singer Isla Chan. Produced by DJ TRAKZ and Young Prince. TRAKZ is credited as a featured artist on the song.


(verse 1)

Steppin out the chauferr driven car

Hands on my waist

Pulled over speedin on the way

See me see me see me (ah)

Walkin to the club

Bouncer let me in

Pe-pe-peace out losers

I dont wanna talk

Imma tell you what I wanna do


From now till morn

I just wanna party

(just wanna party)

Party hard hard hard

Yeah yeah oh oh

Woah oh

Just wanna dance and

Now I just wanna party

(just wanna party)

Takin shots at the bar

Wanna get rowdy

And party

(verse 2)

Feelin tipsier with every drink

Friends saying I should go home

Imma cry till I get my way

Ringing ringin celly phone

Gettin call from my man

Drinkin and sextin

Looks like i'm the spotlight

Shining like the night

I'm gonna start a fight yeah



You know I drank so much

Smoked and sext so much

The night cant get better

My girls, my weed, my drinks

You see me, do what I do

Sayin "Damn thats a party hard bitch"



Just wanna party

And i'm gonna party

No matter what you say ay

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