Party People


April 29, 2014

4:37 (extended)
Helena Fasesha-Charles, Adam Preston

 Party People is the second single by American disc jockey DJ TRAKZ. The song features British singer Helena Fasesha. Critics think that the song is great and a perfect song to play in a club, but would be better if it was longer, as the track is only 2 minutes and 17 seconds long. After hearing these reviews TRAKZ tweeted "There is an extended version, but we decided to keep the song short and sweet, I am deciding whether or not to include the extended version in a remix EP, or just say "fuck it" and keep the longer version hidden, but for now, you have the original shorter version.". On April 28. 2014. The extended version featuring a new verse by Fasesha was leaked. Only for a while as TRAKZ found out about the leak and ordered that the extended version be removed. Fasesha also tweeted "Can't believe someone would leak the extended version of Party People, so what, the track is two minutes long, get over it!".


(verse 1: Fasesha)

It's blazing

Stroblelights flash on the floor

And I'm dancing

Dancing to the 808

One, two

Freak dancing till the morning hits

Leave at 6am

I gotta feed my kids and help my husband with the chores


Next night

No light

In the dark

Da-da-da-dancing so hard

Dancing to the drum

Where my girls and

My boys at

Where my party people

My party people

Fucking rave!

Where my party people

Fucking rave

Where my party people

Where my girls and

My boys at

Where my party people

Where my party people

(short instrumental break)

(verse 2)

Night three

Back there

On the dance floor

My jam comes on

And I dance harder than I ever did

Ma-ma-ma-Madonna blazing through the walls

Drinking hard

Messing with the DJ's playlist

I know I'm a little drunk

But who gives a damn?


Music VideoEdit

A music video was teased. First a lyric video featuring the words popping up in a similar font to the single cover. A teaser was released of Helena in a club dancing on a small flashing pyramid. The full video was released May 9, 2014.


It started with Fasesha in her bedroom applying make-up for the first verse. During the chorus she was seen dancing on the flashing pyramid. In verse 2 Fasesha is seen with straight hair in a dress made from red tracing paper, she is dancing behind a fan. Fasesha is seen back on the pyramid for the chorus, with TRAKZ behind her on the DJ booth. Fasesha then pushes the record back and replays the chorus (extending the song to 3 minutes long), and continues dancing.

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