The cover Isla released on her website for fun

Perfect is a song by Isla Chan. It was produced by Timbaland. It show Chan's rapping skills.


(verse 1)

I love the way your walking

I love the way you look at me

The way you just come to me

The way your swaggers blazing

Those light blue eyes are driving

Me insane (insane oh yeah)

Wanna go for a drive boy

Cause your perfect in every way


Come on babe

Wanna be my little perfect boy

You can be my Taylor Kinney

To my Lady Gaga oh

We can be the perfect ones

Wanna be my perfect man by my side

I can be the Marylin

To your JF Kennedy


(verse 2)

Wanna be the boy to make

All the popular girls jealous

You can make all the jocks and cheerleaders

To stop calling me racist names

"Hey Tanya, I got here first"

"Now the boy will never be yours"

Im sorry bitches you had yo chance

Now Chan gonna attack ya


(verse 3 (rapping))

Chan stole ya man she aint givin back

Hey boy, wanna go someplace else, ill take you out tonight

Boy wanna go low low

I got yo number on ma phone phone

Boy, shut up, dont talk,

I wanna tell you something

I really like you

And all dem cheerleaders can

Kiss my clitoris!

(Chorus x2)

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