Peter SimpsonEdit

{{Character Name. Peter Ethan Anthony Simpson Gender. Male |hair= Brown (Yellow), naturally Yellow [1] |job= Student at Springfield Elementary |relatives=Parents: Homer and Diana Jones Aunty and Uncle: Lisa and Maggie Simpson Grandfathers: Abraham Simpson and Charlie Jones Grandmothers: Martha Jones and Marge SimpsonAdoptive Child :Charlie (orphan)

Peter Ethan Simpson is Bart's Son in 2030 he was born in Springfield in 2017 and her mother was Diana Jones brother of Jimbo. When peter was age 5 she was in Grade 1 in Springfield elimentery school. In 2030 Peter went to Springfield High School on Level 5 at inventing, he made a Flying Saucer, Hover car, a car tunnel and an laser to stop astroid colliding to earth. He lives in Lemon Tree Terrace in Shelbyville owned by Springfield in 2027.

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