April 28, 2014
Digital download
April 2014

"Problem" is a song by Caribbean recording artist Jane Mik featuring American recording artist Felicia. It was released on April 28, 2014, alongside Mik's second studio album L O V E, and sent to contemporary hit radio and urban radio. Its music video was also released on the same day, receiving 1.000.000 views in the first hour after the release. It was met with positive reviews by critics and was well received by fans.

Music videoEdit

The song's music video was uploaded to Vevo on April 28, 2014. It features Mik in a black room sitting on a chair while smoking and singing the first verse. During the chorus, Mik is seen in the same room sitting on the chair and later in a bathroom kissing a guy. After the first chorus, Felicia raps her verse while she's all alone in a white room. Before finishing her verse, she is seen burning a couple of pictures and a small cross. During the second chorus, Mik continues singing while she is sitting inside the black room. She then stands up and walks towards a window while she is singing the bridge. At the end of the bridge she picks up a hammer and breaks the window. She finishes the last chorus before meeting with Felicia and escaping the building.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Problem" (featuring Felicia)
  2. "Problem" (featuring Felicia) (music video)

Release historyEdit

Region Date Format Label
Worldwide April 28, 2014 Digital download Low Price
United States Contemporary hit radio
Urban radio

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