Joshua RiverraNick RiverraLouie SimpsonManic RiverraSarah Muntz
Punk Town
Genre Heavy Metal rock
Members Jesse Simpson

Joshua Riverra Nick Riverra Louie Simpson Manic Riverra Sarah Muntz

Manager Marge Simpson
First appearance Bart Goes To Germany

Band BiographyEdit

they are like a punk band couse of they like to talk about sex drugs

violence and naked chick

Sarah's PregnancyEdit

Band MembersEdit

Joshua Riverra Vocal (1987_Present)

Sarah Muntz Screaming Vocal And Sex Noise Vocal (1987_ Present)

Nick Riverra Gutiar (1990_Present)

Louie Simpson Bass (1988_Present)

Manic Riverra drums (1996_Present)

Jesse Simpson Gutiar (2003_present)


Friday Deathing (1987)
Screaming Killers (1988)
Screams (1989)
New Flesh (1990)
Death (1991)
Punk Town (1993)
The Pussy Rocks (2001)
Rocking the chick (2002)
Punk Town Greatest Hits (2013)

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