June 14, 2014
Trap, pop, hip hop

7:02 (remix)
Helena Fasesha
Young Prince, DJ Dahi, Rapsta Chik, Helena Fasesha, Ludacris (remix only)
Remix cover

 Queen is the second single from Helena Fasesha's upcoming second studio album. It will be released on June 14, 2014. It is a trap and hip hop song. It speaks of Helena Fasesha being one of the popular or legendary rappers and singers. A remix featuring Ludacris and Kelis was released on May 8, 2014. It is a musical style change from Fasesha's previous singles. Queen is Helena's highest charting single ever, reaching number 1 in many countries. Her weeks at number 1 in the Springfield Hot 20 Singles Chart is the longest running so far at 5 weeks. The song was later beaten by "Bang Bang" as Fasesha's fastest selling single.


(verse 1)

You see me here

On that stage

You see me singing

Out my heart

In my heels

And my leather

You probably think "OMG Who is this bitch"

Well let me tell you

It's H Fasesha

I got a kid at home

With my husband

Other bitches

Would kill

Just to be in the position that I'm in


Bitches be like "Oh, I wanna be like Gaga"

"Or maybe even Rapsta, she's currently #1"

Young Prince makes guys wanna be him

And his sister makes the girl her age

Jealous and believing.

Eyes on Amara

They L-O-V-E you

Jane Mik is climbing up the charts

Like Everest

Girls and boys wanna be us

They like "I wanna be, I wanna be a queen"

(verse 2)

Loud is getting

To #1

Girls are wishing

They could be

The artist

With the tracks

That make everyone turn up the sterio

Well I'mma tell you

It's really tough

You gotta chose between family or career

But if you want it

So fucking bad

Then it's your decision

Go with your day job



Album #2

Is coming out very very soon

I'm not like "Gimme your money"

I just wanna be a, wanna be a queen, (just wanna be a queen)

Let me get the sells

Let me get the #1 albums

Let me be the one girls wanna be

I just wanna be

(wanna be a queen)

(instrumental break)

(chorus x2)

Music VideoEdit

A lyric video for the song was released on May 18, 2014, the lyric video featured a dark background while the lyrics were written in gold paint. The full 7-minute music video premiered the next day. The music video went viral in the 24 hours it was released, everyone tweeted their congratulations to Helena on how her video went viral. As of May 30, 2014 it is Helena Fasesha's highest viewed video. By June 14 her video reached the top of the itunes charts for music videos, and got more views than Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".


The video begins with Fasesha reading reports calling her "irrelavent" and "too child friendly". They are all criticizing the fact that Fasesha's debut album was focused more on synthpop. Helena then gets on her computer and tweets "I'm coming back with a bad bitch attitude #QUEEN" Helena leaves the room when her baby is heard crying in the background.

The song then starts as Fasesha sings on a throne surrounded by dancers lying on the ground. Fasesha sings her verse while smoking a cigar. When the chorus begins Fasesha and her dancers get up and perform a slow but brilliant dance. It then shifts to Helena getting her image out there by dressing up in different clothing and wearing a grill. The chorus shows Helena wearing a grill that says "#QUEEN" on it while she projects the words "#1", "L-O-V-E", "Everest" and "Queen" on the screen. During the bridge Helena enters a party in a ballgown, before the instrumental break hits and she tears the ballgown to reveal a more revealing outfit. Helena then stares at the ballroom when she steps outside, and it catches fire. The chorus comes on again twice as Helena performs another dance with the same dancers outside the burning ballroom. The video ends as the next day Helena returnes to the site and spraypaints the word "Queen" on a piece of burned down wall, before she sets the spraycan alight, and due to it being flamable, the rubble catches fire. And Helena leaves carrying the piece of wall with her. The single cover pops up before it burns out and the video finishes.

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