Rachel Layton is an American singer/songwriter. She is known for being the vocalist of the electro music duo Faces. She confirmed that she would continue releasing solo material while Faces takes a break so that DJ TRAKZ and her could have successful solo careers as well as being a successful duo. She released her second solo single "Battles" on May 12, 2014. She has confirmed that she will still work with TRAKZ, but they will not release singles together as Faces while they have a break. Rachel's appearance is brown hair and multiple facial piercings. She has a tattoo on her left arm saying "Look me in the eyes", and underneath her star necklace she has a tattoo saying "Who am I? I am me." which was the inspiration for the second Faces album "I Am Me".

Sexuality and Personal LifeEdit

In February 2015, just 4 days before Valentine's Day, Layton came out as a lesbian, saying "I have tried to hide my sexuality through music, but just know that whenever I sang about a boy, I really was thinking of a girl." Layton announced that she was dating dancer Kallie Charles. In August 2016 after over a year of dating, Rachel and Kallie confirmed their split. Rachel clarified that the break up was caused by commitment issues and a proposal rejection, but did not clarify who proposed and who rejected. Helena Fasesha defended Layton by claiming that Kallie was the one with commitment issues, backing up her story as Helena is close to the Charles family, having married and divorced Kallie's brother Dan. 


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The Eyes: Darkness (2015) as Liza Ickles

The Eyes: Confrontation (2016) as Liza Ickles


Hopeful (2017-) as Khalisa Hope/Cayla Richardson

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