Reach For The Stars


May 31, 2014
Hip Hop, R&B, Rap
Rapsta Chik, Rachel Layton, Young Prince, Tupac Shakur (posthumous)
Rapsta Chik, Young Prince

 Reach For The Stars is the fifth single from Rapsta Chik's self titled sixth album . It samples an unreleased demo from the late 2Pac (credited as his full name Tupac Shakur) who died back on September 13, 1996 aged 25. Shakur is credited as a featured artist. Rachel Layton performs the chorus but is not credited. The song is about encoraging people to follow their dreams. The song will be released alongside "Do Dat Shit" as the fifth single with Do Dat Shit being the fourth single. The song won a SVMA and an SMA in 2014 and 2015.


(chorus: Rachel Layton)

Do you have a dream

Or an ambition

Every kid has one

Oh Oh

Don't stop believing

And look up at the sky

And reach for the stars

Oh Oh

(verse 1: Rapsta Chik)

I remember being back in the nineties

Knowing i was different

I knew I was somehow

Just didnt know how

And then I realised I was born to entertain

Even though with that career there is always a bit of pain

But I aint in it for the pain, I'm in it for the gain

I'm in it for my fans, in shine or rain

And all these haters tryna take me down

They just jealous of you

Because you got it and they don't

Lesson here is if you bein hated on

Don't let them get to you

Just reach for them

(chorus: Rachel Layton)

(verse 2: Tupac Shakur)

All the boys and the girls

All over the world

You got a dream

Then follow it

Don't let anyone bring you down

Don't let them take your shine

Everything will be okay if you shinin like a star

So reach up high kid

Reach up high

(reach up high kid, reach up high)

(chorus: Rapsta Chik and Rachel Layton)

(verse 3: Rapsta (Layton))

(ah,ah,ah) So what you got a gift (ah,ah,ah)

Why these haters gotta be so cruel (ah,ah,ah)

When the strike, just get back up (ah,ah,ah)

Instead of ending life, make a new one

(chorus: Rapsta Chik)

(chorus 2: Rachel Layton)

We are gifted

So reach for the stars

Reach for the stars

I know you have a dream

And an ambition

Every kid has one

Oh oh (oh, oh, oh, oh)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released on May 31, 2014. It began with Rapsta Chik walking down a road rapping with Laytons vocals heard in the background. Rapsta Chik stops and looks up at the sky during Tupac's verse. During the third verse she leaves a flower at a grave, the name on the grave is not seen so it can only be assumed it was Tupac's grave. The video fades out as Rapsta Chik walks back down the road.

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