Ringtone is a single by Sarah Simpson, it is the lead single from her upcoming second studio album I Hate Milhouse, Rapsta Chik provides the intro and outro to the single, it samples Gimme More by Britney Spears.


Rapsta's Intro: It's Sarah bitch

With Rapsta


We gonna party hard

Sarah lemme hear your ringtone

Ringtone, ring ring (dial tone)

Sarah's verse

Hey boy won't you call me

I wanna hear the tone I set for you

It reminds me of your sick abs

I wanna come on and kiss you

Baby come on call me I have'nt got all day

If you don't ring ring you'll regret it always


Come on boy (ring ring) wanna (ring)

Wanna hear your tone, (speaking) of tone you my (shit) with your toned

Body, I really wanna hear your (ring)tone come im waiting, phone me honey

(boy) your ringtone wakes me wanna (uh)

Rapsta's outro: You wanna hear my tone

I'll call you

But you didn't call me

So suck it bitch (hey)

Your gonna regret loving me

Cause I'm gonna fucking kill you... (to be continued...

Music VideoEdit

Rapsta's intro and outro feature a background with telephone wallpaper, but Sarah is in a flat smashing phones and giving the finger to a picture of her ex. At the end Rapsta does many dances on a polE before the song and video fades out, but the video then has a surprise ending where Sarah gets a call from her ex, and it is revealed that her ringtone is her song Ringtone.

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