Run It


September 3, 2014
EDM, hip-hop
Amanda Simpson, Adam Preston
DJ TRAKZ, Rapsta Chik (additional)

Run It is a single by DJ TRAKZ and Rapsta Chik from the United Kingdom version of TRAKZ's EP "TRAKZ Don't Stop". The song was planned to be featured on Rapsta's seventh studio album "SEVEN" but it was cut. The song blends EDM and hip-hop together with moombahton and trap influences.


(verse 1: Rapsta Chik (DJ TRAKZ))

Walk in the club, I'm the queen of the floor

Bow down bitches, I ain't gonna say it twice

Walking in, everybody bow down to me

The party don't start till I walk in (run it)

Come it

Da-da-dance till your feet sore

Move it all night

I command you to dance

And never ever stop

Until I say so

Hey over there

Shake what your mamma gave you

So shake it, yeah shake it

You're under my command

Understand that I motherfucking-fucking-fucking run it (run it)

(beat drop: DJ TRAKZ)

(verse 2: Rapsta Chik)

I run this bitch like a palace bitch

Run it bitch, I own this bitch

I don't wanna cause a scene

I run this bitch, own this bitch

I run it, run it

Don't give a fuck, no one else does too

Got a motherfucking problem

Get out my motherfucking face

I don't give a fuck about rules or anything

I run this bitch, I own it bitch (run it)

(beat drop: DJ TRAKZ)

Music VideoEdit

The music video was released September 4, 2014. The song begins with Rapsta Chik walking into a dance studio carrying her iPod and a pink Beats Pill. Rapsta plugs the iPod into the pill and the song starts playing. Rapsta dances while rapping her verse in the studio. And as the drop hits she is shown in a dance club as the video stutters (similar to Steve Aoki & Angger Dimmas featuring Iggy Azalea's "Beat Down"). Rapsta walks up to DJ TRAKZ playing to song at a turntable and dances next to him while rapping the second verse. The beat drops again and Rapsta is shown wearing chains dancing to the song again as TRAKZ plays the song. The video ends with Rapsta finishing up dancing in the studio, she puts a towel round her neck and puts the pill and iPod in her bag and leaves.

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