July 4, 2014
Progressive house, house-rap
Amanda Simpson, Eric Prydz
Eric Prydz

SKREAM is a single by Rapsta Chik, it is the sixth single from her self titled sixth studio album. It heavily samples Swedish DJ Eric Prydz's hit 2004 house track "Call On Me", and the songs vocals can be heard in the background. After presenting the song to Prydz, Prydz loved that she turned the song into a jumpy rap song, and let her use it. To thank him, Rapsta Chik released the song as "Rapsta Chik & Eric Prydz" in the single version, while in the album version, only Chik is credited.


(instrumental intro)

(verse 1)

Yo yo yo

In the club with my bitches and my man (hey)

Drinking up getting drunk cause I can (hey)

Dont wanna get too wasted, I got kids now (hey)

Being a rapper, and a mom, I dont get me time now (hey)

Fist pumping so hard in the air now

If you got a problem, huh, dont have a cow

Imma dance till the night no stoppin

I be dancing cuz they wanna make me scream

(chorus x2)

(call on me)

(call on me)

Make me wanna scream

(call on me)

(call on me)

Make me wanna scream

(instrumental break)

(repeat verse)

(chorus x6)

(instrumental outro)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released June 7, 2014. The video features cameo appearences from Ariana Grande, Amara, Young Prince, Eric Prydz (producer of the song), Jessie J, Nicki Minaj,, and YouTube star iJustine. The video features Rapsta Chik entering a high school while an assembly is going on. She walks through the assembly as the principal awkwardly stares at her. She disapears behind a curtain, but begins to hook up a DJ booth to the school PA system. The song begins to play, and she pushes the principal out the way of the microphone and immediately starts rapping the song. The principal and the students begin dancing as she raps. During these scenes, the celebrities listed above dance to the song with a white background, they are later thanked in the credits.

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