June 3, 2014

3:57 (Pt. 2)
DJ TRAKZ, Helena Fasesha, David Guetta, Rapsta Chik

Say is a song by American singer Amara. She leaked the song online on March 29, 2014 to celebrate the start of the Physical era and end of the A era. A remix called "Say Pt. 2" featuring American singer/rapper Felicia. On May 30, 2014 it was announced as the third single, with the remix as a B-side. In an interview, Amara called it her favourite song that she ever did.



Oh baby lets dance the night away

Dancing all night to the day

I wanna hear you say

Ever boy say

Every girl say

Say your having a good time

(instrumental break)

(Verse 1)

So blastin' up here now

Partyin' till dawn

Not givin' two shits

We just wanna stay young

22 years alive

And I feel so alive

So lets start partying live



(verse 2)

Drinking at the bar

And i'm the spotlight star

Bartender gimme some more

DJ gimme more (more more yeah)

Everyone dancing

Club getting louder (yeah yeah)

Better get ice packs (brrr)

Cause the clubs getting hotter (Is it hot in here?)



Put your motherfucking hands up!

Put your motherfucking hands up!

Yeah yeah oh!

Put your motherfucking hands up

Say your having a good time

Music VideoEdit

The video was originally confirmed for release on June 3, 2014, however it leaked on June 1, 2014 so Amara released it early the next day.


It began with Amara lying on a bed calling friends. Through these scenes Amara is shown in a dance club with the words "say" and "you are having a good time" written over her lips.

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