School's Out


August 23, 2014
Evan Connors, Clark Jackson, Tyler Jay, Austin Greyhound, Amanda Simpson
Trio3, Shellback, Rapsta Chik

School's Out is the second single by American-Canadian male trio Trio3. Featuring guest appearences from Austin Greyhound and Rapsta Chik. The song leaked in early August, and was released later that month. It is the second single from the trio's debut album Three.


(verse 1: Trio3)

Summer nearly over

But don't worry

I'm coming to town (yeah)

I'm coming to town

Wherever I go

Summer follows me

I bring the party with me (yeah)

School's out with me


When I come to town

School is always out

I bring the party

Its like summer everyday


I don't care if it's March, April, or May

The party always comes a long with me

Schools out

School's out

When I come

To town

(verse 2: Austin Greyhound)

Whatever the weather

Whenever I arrive

The school's close

The snow melts

I don't give a f-(shh)

About teachers

School is always out

When i come to town

(pre-chorus: Trio3 and Greyhound)

(chorus: Trio3 and Rapsta Chik)

(bridge: Trio3)

I wanna dance, and I wanna rock

No one stopping me, no more school

(school's out, schools out)

And while I'm here, school dissapears

No teacher, and no homework

(schools out)

(rap verse: Rapsta Chik)

Yo, school gone

I ain't a teacher

Throw your textbooks away

Throw your homework away

Never ever stop

Being like you are

Every party animal back me up in this place

Hanging with Trio and Austin today

Not givin' a eff we just chilling

No one to say no

No one to control us

We the crazy kids

and we gonna run free

(chorus x2: Trio3, Greyhound, Chik)

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