Sexy Lady (Woohoo) is a song by Rapsta Chik, the song heavily samples Woohoo by Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj who are both credited in the song.


Christina: Woohoo, Woohoo, Woohoo, Woohoo,

Rapsta: Hey sexy girls doin it for money

Needing love from Mrs Trolley

Prostitutin their pussies for cock and money

Once the cock enters you orgasm

Scream with pain when he bounces

And let him stuff his tounge in there too

Christina: Woohoo,




Nicki Minaj: Ok guess who got that Mmm-Mmm nani-nani

In the Mordrian Mmm Mmm in Miami

Whiz Galliano whip whip the armani

In the drip drip lick lick like a lolly

Or, left for Jamaica go on a fuckin tour

Keep me and Chrissy in Christian Dior

But that was before or for you

Christina: You really wanna (hey) wanna taste my (woohoo)

Kiss on my all over my (woohoo)

let me hear you scream

But bitches keep it clean

(WOOHOO) x22

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