Should Have Left It Alone


January 19, 2014
Digital Download
3:01 (radio version without Prince)
Amanda Simpson, Richard Brooks

 Should Have Left It Alone is a single by Rapsta Chik and Young Prince, Chik performed the single in a mashup with her Helena Fasesha collaboration TWERK on November 15, 2013. On November 16, the radio edit without Prince's rap premiered on Rapstas Youtube account "chiksvlogsandaudios" and then Terry Richardson confirmed he will shoot the music video on Twitter. The song starts with Chik apologizing to her ex for a wrong doing, but then says that it was all her exes fault and lashes out at him with song when the beat suddenly changes from a slow tempo to a rapid electro M.I.A. style beat. It is one of the few song Chik does not rap in. A picture of the video shoot was leaked online, it featured Chik on a wooden swing with smoke around her in a pink and purple wood. Rapsta wrote the song during her divorce with Bart but when they re-married she still decided to use it anyway. Should Have Left It Alone is Rapsta's worst charting single, despite being her most highly anticipated single. Rapsta has tweeted about the low chart positions saying "Everyone releases low charting single at some point, it's natural when your famous". On July 23, 2014, a remix of the song by DJ TRAKZ was released to coincide with the release of Rapsta Chik's self titled album, and get more sales for the original, the album, and the remix.


(verse 1- Rapsta Chik)

Their a thousand ways to fuck this up

But I did 999 of them

I said stuff and now we're done

And i regret everything that happened

There is nothing that can fix up

This massive hole in my heart

If you'll forgive me im grateful

Cause i feel like a rusty cart


Can you find it in your heart

find, find it in your heart

To let me back in

Your warm embrace again

(Chorus 1)

Baby I should have left it alone

Baby I should have let it be

Should have let you get on with it

And now not even song can fix it

It's ok

Say it's ok

Anyway that's what you want me to say

Say it's okay

it's ok

Now bitch here's my side of the story-y-y-y


(Beat break)

(Verse 2)

There's a thousand ways to fuck this up

But you did all 1000 of them

You try to pin our fights on me

Well, bitch, your paybacks from me

I will hunt you down tonight

I aint gonna go down without a fight

Smash the rear of your Buick

Yeah, honey destroy it with a brick

(Chorus 2)

You should have left it alone

Hun you should have let it be

Should have let me get on with it

And now this song can ruin it (even more)

Not ok

It's not ok

That's what i have to say


it's not ok

Bitch get off my property!


(beat slows down again)

(verse 3: Young Prince)

When it all began, i didn't think

It would end this way, because you didn't think

You worried bout your issues, you should have left alone

Now i'm feelin' dumb for letting it all go

Maybe i'm not perfect, maybe i'm not worth it

but makin' me believe you loved me

when you didn't

You worried bout yourself, didnt care for me, no

This is complicated, but i want it to work

But it will only work, (if you want it to)

Baby you should have left it (alone)

(Chorus 2: Chik and Prince)

(beat goes fast again)

Ra-ra-ra-psta chik in the house with y--young prince!

Music VideoEdit

Terry Richardson directed the video. The video included Young Prince and premiered on the same day as Chik and Prince's other collaboration video Da Noise. A teaser featuring Chik on a swing similar to the set photo set posted. On January 7, 2014 the video premiered, the video opened with Chik on a swing crying with a pink and purple background, she sings the first verse and when she says "now here's my side of the story" she leaps off the swing and dances to the beat. in verse 2 she is seen next to a gold Buick and she drops a four whole bags of bricks on it. When the beat slows down Chik, turns on her iPad as Prince raps on the screen, Rapsta begins crying again and as she and Prince sing the chorus the pink and purple backgorund turns into a normal park with trees and children playing behind her, the song stops as she takes out a cigarrete (implied to have cannabis in it) and smokes it, the pink and purple background returns and she shouts "BITCH!" as the beat goes fast and electro-clash and she dances, smashing the iPad with Prince's image still on it, Prince holds up a sign saying "THE END" and the video ends.

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