Shut Up

Shut up

February 2, 2014
Isla Chan
Helena Fasesha

 Shut Up is the debut single by American-Asian singer Isla Chan, it features British singer Helena Fasesha. It is the lead single from her debut album It's Isla .


(verse 1: Isla)

I really wonder

What is this bitch saying

I see her lips moving

But she's talking too fast

Is she talking bout her life

Or calling me a bitch

Well girl at least I don't ramble like I saw murder

If I hit you in your mouth

You'd call out "assault"

And if I tried to tie your mouth shut

You'd still call "assault"

Hey girl you need to shut up

No man wants a talker

Especially if they cant understand what the fuck you just said


Bitch you need padlock

That big talker

Just duct tape your mouth and shut the fuck up

Bitch I got something to say

Shut up, Shut up

Just fucking shut up

Shut up (shut up bitch, shut up)

Shut up

Just fucking shut up

(verse 2: Helena)

What the fuck are you saying

You just ramble on

I feel bad for anyone

On the other line of your phone

If you would just zip it

A guy might come and hit it

Because the way your lips are moving

It must be hard to kiss

(Chorus x2:: Isla and Helena)

(outro: Helena)

Shut it, shut it

Shut it, shut shut it

Zip it, zip it

zip it, zip zip it

Shut up, u-up

Shu-shut U-u-up

Shut up

Shut up

Shut your mouth


Music VideoEdit

It premiered January 29, 2014. It featured cameo appearances from all the former members of Chan's band Good Girlz. Chan and Fasesha performed a dance routine with the girls as backup dancers. Some scenes feature Chan duct taping a womans mouth, and some with Fasesha shoving food in another womans mouth to keep her quiet. The video concludes with Fasesha and Chan writing their names in lipstick on the womens faces.

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