Simpsons Fanon Season 1 is the first season of The Simpsons Fanon.


Bart kills Principal Skinner, Homer goes on a secret mission to Rigel 4 and Marge turns into a witch this time in modern times.

Mr Burns meets his father who is amazingly still alive. They go and visit Roswell, where Mr Burns father was born, but Mr Burns father is blown up in a movie set. Mr Burns want's to keep alive his memory.

Homer meets Mindy Simmons at a food hall at a Roller Derby match. Mindy and Homer organise a date but get drunk and are both found hugging, naked in the wilderness. Marge divorces Homer and Homer tries to win Marge back.

  • Episode 4 - Scrappy Days -

Bart and Lisa subscribe to a fortune telling buisness and both discover their future after they graduate from college. Lisa becomes the smartest woman in the USA and is chosen to open the unvieling of the first rocket ship to send humans to Mars. Bart on the other hand is a hobo living in an alleyway trying to win his girlfriend back.

  • Episode 5 - An Exotic Relationship -

Homer wins a cruise for two and discovers with Marge, Luanne Van Houten is dating a multi millionaire. His name is Vincent and is living on a tropical island all by himself. He proposes to Luanne but Luanne calls of the wedding due to Vincents wedding ideas.

  • Episode 6 - The Big Super Happy Fun Emotions of Bartholomew J. Simpson -

A japaneese gang rocks up in Springfield and pull of a whole heap of stunts. Bart befriends them but the leader is killed in a freak accident. Marge tries to make good friends for Bart meanwhile Lisa's class is practising for a play titled Rupunzel.

  • Episode 7 - D'ohro, D'ohro -

The Simpsons win a trip to Europe and visit Spain, France, Greece and Italy but of course the Simpsons get into all sorts of trouble.

  • Episode 8 - A Knick Knack and a Nag -

Marge opens a Knick Knack store called Neat Little Knick Knacks but Nasty Nick opens a stall directly opposite called Nasty Knick Knacks. Nicks Knick Knacks are inappropriate but sell unlike Marges bits and bobs.

  • Episode 9 - Her Little Lisa -

Lisa befriends an old elderly woman called Wilma who is smart and has the same intrests as Lisa. Wilma then dies of old age. Lisa feels she is unappreciated but Springfield holds a suprise party for her.

  • Episode 10 - The Art of The Bart -

Bart gets locked in the Art room at school and all there is to do is to paint. He becomes a professional artist and has the opportunity to design a murial for the Springfield library but Lisa who feels jealous sabotages his work.

  • Episode 11 - Cheif Hit'm -

Cheif Wiggum who is forced to loose weight becomes a handsome police cop but gets plastic surgery to make his face look more handsome. He is now part of a tv drama but when he is injured by a runaway police car he is turned back to his normal self.

  • Episode 12 - Hippie Hip Hip Hooray! -

Grandpa is forced to move to a different room and discovers an old love letter from Mona. It includes all their dreams like sabotaging the Vegie For Me Corporation that where using meat in their products. Homer joins a hippie van and goes out to stop the Vegie For Me Corp along with Lisa.

  • Episode 13 - The Magic of Marge -

At the Springfield Carnival a magician falls in love with Marge. Homer becomes jealous and takes up magic but Fat Tony introduce Homer into Black Magic, scams and robbery. Who can save the day, maybe a gang of famous magicians.

  • Episode 14 - A Miracle For Moe -

Moe who is depressed is about to jump of the Springfield Canyon when a female reporter who is filming a documentary interupts the scene. Melissa the reporter falls in love with Moe and introduces him to christianity. They both decide to get married but call it off because Moe feels uncomfortable confessing he is a bartender.

  • Episode 15 - Viva Lost Vegas -

An old collegue of Homers invites Homer to visit his house in Vegas. Tim, Homers old collegue is married to Ginger (Ned's Vegas Wife). Marge goes gambling mad in Vegas and is forced by Dr. Phil to get therapy. Homer also gets therapy after he meets Ginger and gets into an argument with Marge about Amber.

  • Episode 16 - Vote Ned Instead -

Mayor Quimby is caught in endless scandals and everyone agrees to vote Quimby out. Ned runs for Mayor but when he is elected he turns Springfield into a sweet, goodie two shoes town. So maybe theres a reason to vote Quimby back.

  • Episode 17 - Endless Parodies -

In this special episode the Simpsons parody Star Wars, The Brady Bunch and Looney Tunes. These are seen through Professor Frinks Parodytransculator 3001.

  • Episode 18 - The Poor of The Poor -

Declan Desmond returns with a documentary about the poor street residents living in Springfield. Marge and Lisa decide to take a homeless child named Tom on. Then Toms family come out of the woodworks and take advantage of The Simpsons house.

  • Episode 19 - The Kwik-E Heart -

Homer is fired from his job and works at the Kwik-E-Mart and discovers the poor health and safety going on in Apu's store. The health inspector makes it a safe and hygienic store but then Linsday Neagle convinces Apu to change the whole aspect of the store.

  • Episode 20 - Mrs Lovitz Goes To Washington -

Artie Ziff tracks down Marge again and Marge tells everyone how much she loved Artie in High School and how he rigged the voting ballot so she could become School President.

  • Episode 21 - Eeny Meeny Miny D'oh -

At an old ranch Homer finds a lucky horse shoe and he becomes lucky and is titled the luckiest man in Springfield but he takes advantage of his title.

  • Episode 22 - Lights, Camera, Full of Action -

Bart saves the life of a man at the Annual Fruit Fiasco and the man who is a producer makes Bart the lead role in a new show called Super Simpsons and Scientific Simpson. Lisa who becomes Scientific Lisa at first is angry about being with his brother. the show becomes a flop but a stunt on Mount Kilimanjaro may rise the shows ratings.

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