• Episode 1 - 101 Damnations -

A Baby Dalmatian is adopted by Bart, and Santa's Little Helper becomes jealous. Lot's of animals in the neighborhood come to Bart and both Santas Little Helper and Snowball II feel unappreciated. Bart opens his menagerie of animals to the public and makes a buck out of them.

Marge falls for the devil, Springfield is sucked into another dimension and Homer grows tentacles.

  • Episode 3 - Are You Zanier Than A 5th Grader -

Homer dreams he becomes a highly intelligent genius and decides to join Lisa's team at the Parent and Child Gameshow Fundraiser. Ned Flanders wins it for Rod and Todd and Homer looses it for Lisa due to his stupidity.

  • Episode 4 - Dodging Dodgeball -

Bart is thrown into the Dodgeball team due to low numbers and is hit in the head critically. His mind know is more intelligent and becomes a smart quick thinker for the team but faces a hard decision when he is chosen for the Spelling Bee.

  • Episode 5 - Astro Kids -

Bart and Lisa are picked to be the first kids to go the moon! They are taken away home for trainning and are ready for their trip on the moon. Springfield Elementary are given lots of publicity and become a better school. Then the show from the Frying Game Frame Up reveal it was a prank just to give the school more publicity.

  • Episode 6 - Don't Take My Drive, Please -

Homer crashes the car and picks up a cheap new one at the Car Sales Shop. The car is full of money, jewellery and weapons and later Homer discovers it was Fat Tony's old car. Fat Tony finds out Homer has his old car he and the mafia track Homer down.

  • Episode 7 - It's The Rich Buisness -

Homer is fired from work once again and gets a job as a lollipop man. Meanwhile Marge gets intrested in fashion and makes an appearance on Fashion Star. She becomes a designer and designs a new wave of clothes, but buisness is hard!

  • Episode 8 - Homer A Go-Go -

Greases Cafe from Take My Wife Sleaze shuts down and they give away all their records and 1950's items. Homer picks it up and gets intrested in the 1950's and goes along with Marge to the Retro Festival in Las Vegas.

  • Episode 9 - Hawaii Aye Aye Currumba -

Sideshow Bob now working as a travel agent sells the Simpsons a pass to Hawaii. Bart soon faces Bob and they both compete in a cat and mouse chase all the way to a volcano thats carrying a nasty curse.

  • Episode 10 - To Weld A Zelda -

Grandpa goes to Moes with Homer and he meets Zelda who's previous husband was killed in a ski accident. Grandpa and Zelda date again and Grandpa proposes to her but she falls for the priest who is holding the wedding and they get married instead.

  • Episode 11 - Enter At Your Own Whisk -

A small bakery at the end of town has a spot for a pastry chef available. Marge applies but discovers that her boss is part of the Springfield Mafia and is getting Fat Tony to sell them to other food chains illegaly and makes a buck out of them.

  • Episode 12 - Anime-tion Sensation -

In this three part episode the Simpsons are characters from Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Yugioh!

  • Episode 13 - Building A Blockbuster Blowout -

After visiting the Sci-Fi Con Homer decides to make his own science fiction movie but it turns out to be a flop but a hilarious film. Homer is hired to write Comedy sketches for a show that's lost it's ratings and makes the show more popular.

  • Episode 14 - Springfields Clean Up Act -

Declan Desmonds latest documentary puts down Springfield culture and atmosphere and complains about the dirtiest and cheapest places in Springfield. Mayor Quimby tries to make Springfield a better town by building a huge amusement park, but is it a blowout!

  • Episode 15 - Two Sum Things Up -

Lisa is chosen to represent Springfield Elementary in the Matheathlon as a mathlete. After the first day Lisa discovers that one of the colleges is cheating after discovering the official answers downloaded as a PDF on their computer.

  • Episode 16 - Off The Road and Off The Stuff -

Marge gets drunk aft er visiting a winery again and crashes the car unsuprisingly but this time Marge breaks her spine. She has to recover and after is sent to a special resort that has a physchiatrist that tries to stop Marges obsession.

  • Episode 17 - Somewhere All Under A Rainbow -

A new gay shop that has opened at the Springfield Mall creates controversy. Homers old gay friends from the Three Gays of Condo protest with Homer to keep the shop.

  • Episode 18 - Just On The Side Show -

The Simpsons visit a Sideshow that has some of the most freaky people on the Earth. The Sideshow owner is amazed with Marges hair and wants her to join it. Marge joins but her feelings are hurt after being laughed at by people all over the world.

  • Episode 19 - The Union Jack Ass -

A new british student in Lisa's class gains intrest in her. She invites he and his family for dinner but Homer makes them leave after some rude and racist jokes. His family is disgusted in the behaviour so they move back to Britain where Lisa flies there to win him back.

  • Episode 20 - The Simpsons Just Can't Have Fun -

A miserable family keep arguing and haven't done a fun thing for a while. With the family falling appart and Homer and Marges marrige on the brink of extinction the family does 10 of the most extreme things in the world eg. swimming with sharks and climbing Mt Everest.

  • Episode 21 - The Godly Father -

Homer and Marge go on a romantic holiday and Ned takes care of the kids. Bart is sick of Neds rules and routines so he pulls a nasty prank but it ends up taking them to Route 66.

  • Episode 22 - Correct Chemistry -

Prof. Frink desperate for love seeks a young entomologist. They decide to get married but when she discovers Frink making out with a robot she thinks his too weird and decides to move away from him and break up.

  • Episode 23 - Worst Finale Ever -

Homer remembers all the bad things his done so he makes it up to the rest of his family.

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