1. A Reunion You'll Probally Forget - Homer & Marge go to there High School Reunion and When Homer is on  his way to the Bathroom he runs into Artie Ziff, who threatens Homer to steal Marge. Homer has to Hideout in Flanders House, but homer can't take it and then.......Watch it Yourself.

2. Meet the Rabbitsons - One day, Lisa finds some Fairly Odd Rabbits.

3. The Breakfast Bart - Bart gets Detention and Finds something called "Breakfast Club Sandwhich".

4. Treehouse of Horror IV - "Call Me Something Something', "The Diddly Rise of Death", and "Lard's Lad".

5. Back to the Past (2-part) - Homer searches for a lost pet he sees on a sign to get some cash, but finds a car behind some bushes. He gets in the car and figures out it might be a time traveling car. He goes to 1970, and he messes up the chance of The Simpsons and Futurama being made.

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