lisa:ah it's a buitful day to shcher for bugs

bart: it's a good day to kill some bugs

lisa: BART!

lisa: oh heres a nice one

bart: your mine mr bug

lisa: no bart i'm going to put this litte bug in my homemade town called bugopilos

at home

lisa:ther you go litte guy bart don't kill my bugs i'm going downstaris to put a new buliding i'll be right back

lisa:OH i'm going to call the green one bugby

when lisa levet bart stared to kill bugby

bart:gotcha bye bye bugby

but just then bugby zaped bart and he started to shinrk

bart woke up

bart: what hit me? hun?!

bart stared to run then bart saw that he was,nt a boy anymore he was a ant

bart:what happed to me?!

lisa:oh heres a nice one this will be

maigge was adfrid of bugs

lisa:its okay i under stand (whisthe)

lisa:bugby what you doing out of bugopilos?

lisa: oh no bart did't

lisa looked downon bugopilos and the bugs wernt dead

lisa: wehe he did't hay bugby were is bart

then bugby stared to zap lisa and she tunred into a bug

lisa:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! oh ow

lisa:hey i'm a ladybug

bart: lisa!


bart:lisa your a ladybug

lisa:bart your an ant

can things get any worst

marge: bart lisa i made muffins

homer: weceh thay taste horrble

marge:oh homer looks at this cute bug

homer:i dont know marge i dont look like the of this

then bugby zaped homer and marge and they turned into bugs

homer: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

marge: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

the simpson family :oof

part 2 comingsoon

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