Sleep Until I Die (Get Up) is a song by Helena Fasesha, the single version features Bart Simpson, the song was originally just titled "Get Up". Release date is October 25, 2013.


Helena: Get up, fu-fucking get up

Verse 1: Helena

No sleep in for you

Get a life you jerk

You might wanna sleep in but you know I won't let you

No one passes me

Go get some exercise

You just can't lay around with you closing your eyes

Chorus: Helena (you gotta fucking get up)

Move that ass (move, get up)

Move that butt (fu-fucking get up)

Bart's verse (single version only)

Yeah, can't lay around

Gotta get up and lose a pound

Aint gonna stand here and watch you as sit on your ass watching MTV

Huh gotta fuck around

Party till the moon goes imma stay

And partay

Chorus: Helena

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