Smokin' This Hun is a single by Amara feat. Joshua Riverra. It is the lead single from her debut album. The single was released September 24, 2013. The album version does not feature Joshua Riverra. The song became controversial in October due to the lyrics about smoking marijuana. Since the songs release, Amara has quit smoking marijuana as she wanted to quit for her then-boyfriend (husband now) DJ TRAKZ. On December 17, 2014, over a year after the songs release, a remix was released featuring Snoop Dogg, Joshua Riverra (the original featured artist), Isla Chan and LaQuaria Ghetti


You want to know a good

Pass time that's a lot of fun

Let me tell you this

(let me tell you this)

Some think that you burn in hell

If you take this up

If you smoke it up

(If you light it up)


Now get down to the beat of the drum

I'm just smoking this hun

Yeah, yeah , yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm not asking you i'm telling you

Go on and smoke it too

Yeah yeah yeah

(smoking this hun)

Verse 2

Get up and dance up now

Shake this smoky room up

I wanna shake my butt

(I'm gonna shake my butt)

Killing the time right now

Rainbows and unicorns

I wanna kiss you up

(i'm gonna kiss you up)


(Joshua Riverra)

Joshy here to give you fun

I'm smoking this hun

You need this dynamic duo

Amara and Mr Riverra

And when you're feeling bad

Just get out your weed sack

Smoke all your troubles away

(smoke all your troubles away)


Music VideoEdit

The music video premiered September 11, 2013, and after two hours caused a lot of controversy with Amara and friends in a sauna stripping their clothes off to lingerie. Amara is also seen in a ripped black leather bodysuit with coloured smoke coming out her mouth, Joshua Riverra is seen shirtless on a motorcycle with a passenger in the back, the passenger is revealed to be Amara when she sings the chorus on the motorbike and flashes her bra to many passers-by, including a shocked family of three, the video ends with a CD copy of her debut EP on fire, symbolising that her good girl image has gone fully.

Springfield VMA's 2012 ControversyEdit

While performing her debut single 21, she stopped halfway through and revealed her blonde hair is a wig and her real hair had been dyed brunette, she then stripped off her sweater, skirt and quickly applied heavy makeup as she sung Smokin' This Hun, a week later she revealed that the recorded version features Joshua Riverra and she will release it sometime in 2013.

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