Someday In Our Lives

Someday In Our Lives

June 29, 2014
Indie, pop, hip hop, R&B, Electronic
Amara van Hersan, Richard Brooks
Diplo, Young Prince

 "Someday In Our Lives" is a single by Amara. Released as the fourth single from her second studio album Physical. The song features a guest appearance by rapper Young Prince. In October 2013 a short demo without Prince's rap was leaked under the title "We Will Find Love" and back then the featured artist was though to be Nas. A remix was released to Amara's VEVO channel on June 22, 2014. The remix featured the second verse replaced by a sung verse by R Kelly, R Kelly sings a new verse and the bridge with Amara, and Young Prince's verse is ommitted. Out of the two versions, Amara prefers the original version, the version with R Kelly will be featured on a remix EP of the song, along with a remix of the song by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.


(verse 1: Amara)

Oh no, I've been hurt again

Been torn up, and ripped apart

I won't give up on myself

I believe I will find the one

I know he's out there

I know he's here


Someday in our lives

We all get hurt

Someday in our lives

We all will fall

Someday in our lives

We all will fail

But someday in our lives

We will find love

We will find love

(verse 2)

Oh no, I've been broken again

I failed again, oh the pain

I never will give up hope

I know he's out there somewhere

Life isn't a video game

Life doesn't have settings


(bridge: Amara (Young Prince))

Oh, life screwed me over once again

Life can be such a bitch

But someday in our lives (yeah)

We will find our one (Young Prince)

(verse 3: Young Prince)

Life has two sections

Good parts and bad

Somedays life is like a dream

Other times it's a brutal motherfucker

Yeah we all get hurt

We all fall and fail

Life never goes smoothly all the time

Life is not a game

Life don't give you prizes

Life don't pat you on the back and say "Good job"

But cherish the good moments

Don't wallow in sorrow over the bad parts

Someday in our lives

We find love

We find it

(chorus x2: Amara and Young Prince)

Remix EPEdit

  1. Someday In Our Lives (feat. Young Prince)
  2. Someday In Our Lives Remix (feat. R Kelly)
  3. Someday In Our Lives (Calvin Harris Remix) (feat. Young Prince and Calvin Harris)

Music VideoEdit

A music video will be released before the release of the song. A lyric video was released on June 23, 2014. The video featured a dark background, and the end of the video showed a small announcement that "Wallpaper" will be the fifth single released in July. On July 1, 2014, the video was scrapped due to issues. On July 3, 2014, a video featuring a 1 minute 59 second edit of the song was leaked, it featured the verses cut shorter, the bridge and Young Prince's rap removed.

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