Song/Album awards are awards that are give to best song,singer,rapper,album and various others.

Best Rapper Edit

Nominees: Rapsta Chik, Young Prince, Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, G-Unit, Big Moe.

Winner(s): Tie between Rapsta Chik and Young Prince

Runner- Up(s): Azealia Banks

Best Singer Edit

Nominees: Sarah Simpson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Young Prince, Rapsta Chik

Winner(s): Sarah Simpson

Runner- Up(s): Lady Gaga

Best Album Edit

Nominees: Young Prince, Low Price (by Young Prince), TGIF Pt. II (by Rapsta Chik), Designed The Way (by Sarah Simpson), Born This Way (by Lady Gaga), 4 (by Beyonce)

Winner(s): Young Prince, Low Price (by Young Prince)

Runner- Up(s): Designed The Way (by Sarah Simpson)

Best EP Edit

Nominees: Decomposable (by Young Prince), TGIF Pt. III (by Rapsta Chik), The Fame Monster (by Lady Gaga), Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up (by Nicki Minaj)

Winner(s): TGIF Pt. III (by Rapsta Chik)

Runner- Up(s): Decomposable (by Young Prince)

Best Song By Female Artist Edit

Nominees: TGIF (by Rapsta Chik), On My Own Forever (by Sarah Simpson), Judas (by Lady Gaga), Va Va Voom (by Nicki Minaj)

Winner(s): Va Va Voom (by Nicki Minaj)

Runner- Up(s): On My Own Forever (by Sarah Simpson)

Best Song By Male Artist Edit

Nominees: Gimme My Muny (by Young Prince), Gangnam Style (by Psy), Wild Ones (by Flo Rida), Scream & Shout (by

Winner: Gimme My Muny (by Young Prince)

Runner- Up(s): Wild Ones (by Flo Rida)

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