Spinning Around


August 2, 2014
Eurodance, EDM, Dance-pop
Rachel Layton, DJ TRAKZ, Onika Maraj, Felicia Brooks

Spinning Around is a single by Faces, it features a guest appearance from Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. It is the second single from their second album "I Am Me". The song will be released on August 2, along with the lead single "Danzfloor".  On July 10, 2014, the song was released on Faces official VEVO account.


(verse 1: Nicki)

Hey, babe

What do you do

Why do you make my head spin around

I want you, with me tonight

Kiss kiss kiss me right now

Cuz I want you with me now

I need you with me now

Do you wanna be with me now

Cuz you got that shit im needing

You are the guy i'm needing

(pre-chorus: Faces)

Love me baby

I love you baby

Be my baby oh

Yeah yeah yeah

Oh oh oh

Na na na


I think your so hot

I think your amazeballs

I want you on me now

Yeah yeah yeah

oh oh oh

Na na na



Yo, honey right there

You got my head spinning

Around around

Baby, I wanna love you

You got my head spinning

Around around

You wanna love me

You wanna love me

You wanna fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck me

Yo, honey right there

You got my head spinning

Around around


(verse 2: Nicki)

Yeah, you be my baby

I would love you all day, and love you all night

I like you now

Imma take you out

On fancy dates

(pre chorus: Faces)

(chorus: Faces)


Music VideoEdit

The music video was released on July 14, 2014. It features Nicki rapping while riding a motorbike, and Rachel and TRAKZ performing the song at a festival, where Nicki arrives to perform with them.

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