Hi, I am reporter Adrianna Morgan, and we are going to be interviewing Amara, Chad True, Robbie Amell, LaQuaria Ghetti, and Rapsta Chik. Their movie "The Eyes" hits theaters next month (June 13, mark your calenders). 

Adrianna: So, who do you play in the film?

Amara: I play the main character Janice, she is like an amatuer detective, trying to solve a very weird murder.

Chad: I play Laki, Ellie-May and Janice's 12 year old brother. He is like a normal kid, who is helping his eldest sister trying to solve his other sister's death. He later becomes a victim of a poem curse.

Robbie: I play Janice's boyfriend Tyler. And Tyler is the only one who knew that Ellie May was gonna die.

LaQuaria: I play Janice's best friend Farrah, Farrah and the rest eventually get cursed and have the same deadline.

Rapsta: I play Janice and Laki's deceased sister Ellie-May. She dies at the beginning, but she will have more appearances later in the film as she will appear as a ghost and in flashbacks.

Adrianna: So what was it like working with each other?

LaQuaria: It was great. Ellie-May's death scene gave me nightmares!

Chad: Me too, but my Mom said that it was just a movie, and reminded me that it's not real. But I know that, I'm starring in the movie! It was just a scary part.

Adrianna: So what is the plot?

Amara: Well Rapsta's character had a nightmare that is SO bad that she just dies, and Me, Chad, LaQuaria and Robbie's characters have to figure out how she died.

Robbie; They eventually catch on and read a poem at an abandoned house where Ellie May used to hang out at. The poem is cursed and after you read it you get a text from a blocked number that tells you that you have two weeks to live.

Rapsta: Obviously Ellie May found the poem in her hangout and two weeks later she died.

Amara: And Janice took the poem home, but also re-wrote it onto a fresh sheet of paper. Eventually Laki reads it.

Adrianna: Will it scare me?

All: Yes

Adrianna, Out of 10 how many people do you think will like this movie?

All: 10/10!

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