Springfield Shopper brings you the list of albums to look for in 2014.

  • After Hours by Felicia - After Hours's lead single I'm Leaving Home with her brother Young Prince was released back in July 2013. Since then she has been featured on BTDT , a collaboration with Helena Fasesha . The second single Now was released in November 2013 and the third single (the albums title track) will be released in March 2014.
  • Amara's second studio album - Amara brought news that a new album for autumn 2014 in December 2013. She also released her debut album A in 2013, it has spawned five singles so far, and the sixth single from A is due in Febuary 2014. Amara has told us that the second album's lead single will be an emotional love ballad and the single will be released in late spring 2014.
  • Young Prince's third album - After the release of his second album Rapping It Up , Prince said he was planning on his third album. Nothing is known about the songs, collaborations or release, but we think the album could have a release date of December 2014, because so far all of Prince's studio albums have been released in December.
  • Ceramic Doll II: 2014 Edition by Rapsta Chik: Aah Rapsta, you already had an album released this year. But she had three last year so it's kind of like she's giving birth to the albums. But we don't care, we love it! The album is an obvious follow up to Ceramic Doll (her third album). The lead single is Should Have Left It Alone featuring Young Prince. Since then she has confirmed collaborations with Amara, Young Prince and even the late great 2Pac! We mostly can't wait for the 2Pac collaboration, it will just be like Coachella 2012!

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