Adrianna: So, do you have any big plans for this year?

Amara: Well, me and Adam have recorded this big party anthem for the soundtrack of the new Sarah Muntz movie "The Failed New Years Resolution". The song is called "Time Goes By" and it samples Madonnna's "Hung Up". The song is actually set to be released today. It's gonna be a really big end of summer anthem, you're gonna love it.

Adrianna: Do you have any albums planned for 2015?

Amara: Yes, but we haven't started working on it. But I do have an EP planned for release later on in the year.

Adrianna: Will there be a sequel to "The Eyes"?

Amara: Yes, we filmed the first movie and part of "The Eyes: Darkness" back to back. Once we finish with the tour the movie's filming will continue. 

Adrianna: Do you want to experiment with more EDM and dance?

Amara: Yes, I have only done a couple of EDM songs (Say and Time Goes By), but I really wanna do more. EDM is a really good style of music.

Thats all Amara could say. But we hope to interview her again in the future.

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