Today is Amara's 23rd birthday, and what a perfect way to celebrate her birthday by releasing her second album...and getting engaged! Amara and boyfriend Adam Preston (known professionally as DJ TRAKZ) got engaged this afternoon after TRAKZ proposed to her in the recording studio. TRAKZ had Amara's friend and collaborator Rapsta Chik film the whole thing. TRAKZ and Amara were in the studio writing a song for Helena Fasesha's upcoming second album when TRAKZ handed her a song he wrote, thinking that it was an idea for Fasesha's upcoming album she read it. But first she asked why Rapsta was filming her, and Rapsta replied "No reason at all.". Amara became suspiscious and she read the song, the song was obviously a note asking her to marry TRAKZ as she turned around and looked at TRAKZ surprised. Amara began shouting "Oh my god, is this really happening right now?!" as Rapsta was laughing and shouting "Your face when you read it! Classic!". Rapsta then handed TRAKZ the ring as he got down on one knee, and Amara accepted quickly before he could start. Rapsta put the camera down and hugged Amara to congratulate her, before Felicia who was in the studio next to them came in and asked what was going on, and congratulated Amara.

Happy 23rd Birthday Amara, and congratulations Amara and DJ TRAKZ.

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