Today we are reviewing Amara's latest album Physical. Most of the album was written in early 2013 while her previous album A was in the works. Physical is mostly new songs, but to complete the album before May 19th, Amara quickly worked on unreleased demos from A. 

The Way That You - A power ballad Amara wrote and recorded for A. but then it didn't make the cut. It was originally the lead single of Physical before it was changed. Amara tweeted she wrote it about an old boyfriend, but when they broke up she decided to use it anyway.

L-O-V-E featuring Faces - A mixture of hip hop and house. Featuring vocals and production from American electronic duo Faces. The song came around when Amara and her current boyfriend Adam Preston (known as DJ TRAKZ and is the production half of Faces) were in the studio together, working on a track for the album. When TRAKZ got a call from Rachel Layton (the vocals half of Faces). Amara then jumped in on the call and suggested that she comes in the studio. Layton came in the studio and wrote a verse. The original title was "It's Love" until Amara and Layton decided to change the name

Wallpaper - A power pop song. Amara wrote it in mid-2013 after her boyfriend (the subject of "The Way That You") and her broke up. Amara stormed into the studio and belted out the first verse without writing it first. Amara realised her break up was good songwriting material and she wrote down the verse and the rest of the song.

Physical featuring Shakira and Missy Elliott - The title track of the album. It is a synthpop song with production by British hip-hop producer Alex Da Kid. The first verse and chorus is sung by Amara, before later being joined by Shakira. Missy raps a fiesty verse over the pop track. Alex Da Kid also produced Felicia's song Bombs.

You Ain't Gettin' This Boy featuring Rapsta Chik - The lead single. Amara sings and featured artist Rapsta Chik raps all over this Rihanna style song. The sirens blare through the song as Amara belts out the chorus. The official remix of the song was to appear on the album but was cut for unknown reasons.

Say - Produced by her boyfriend DJ TRAKZ, along with additional production from David Guetta, Helena Fasesha and Rapsta Chik. This song was leaked online on March 29, 2014 to celebrate the start of the Physical era.

La La La - A dance track produced by DJ TRAKZ and a local drummer. The track came to be when Amara walked by a playpark and saw two children arguing, one child had their fingers in their ears and was chanting "la la la la" while the other child stomped and shouted. Amara later went out and found a drummer in the streets, Amara was intrigued by the beat he was making and she asked him if he wanted his sound to be heard by a wider audience. Amara brought him into the studio and asked him to record the drum beat. He recorded it and later TRAKZ added more production. Amara then realised "la la la" could be used as a party chant, so she added "la la la" into the lyrics and a week later they completed the song.

Bright Lights featuring Britney Spears - Amara previously said in an interview she wanted to collaborate with Britney Spears, and it looks like it happened. Amara and Britney sing about their love for all bright cities, including New York and Toyko.

What You Worry Bout - In this emotional song, Amara asks her lover if he is worried, and what he is worried about. A line says "What is it that keeps you up at night?".

Smooth featuring John Martin, Aloe Blacc, Justin Timberlake - Amara begins this R&B song by serenading her lover, and she sings "Boy, love me real smooth". Aloe continues the serenading and so does Justin, before the track begins to speed up into a more house theme. John continues to serenade in the song and all four end the song by singing the chorus

Rockstar - Amara sings about how she is now one of the big female artists in Springfield. And sings "I could be a popstar, a rap star, a TV star, I could even be a rockstar"

So Happy/Threw It Away - A two part track. The first part (So Happy) sings about how happy Amara is to be in a relationship, at the end of So Happy a door slams, signalling the relationship is over. Then the pop and soul song Threw It Away begins as Amara sings about how her boyfriend threw away a lifetime of happiness with her, I would call the second part of the song part "You don't know what you lost" with part of "As long as you are happy" and a bit of "fuck you".

Say Pt. 2 featuring Felicia - A remix of the seventh track Say. With a guest rap from Felicia. Amara and Felicia previously collaborated on a remix of "You Ain't Gettin This Boy".

Anyone featuring G.R.L. - Amara heard about G.R.L. after hearing their collaboration with Cuban rapper Pitbull. Amara called up member Lauren Bennett who co-wrote Amara's song Don't Go. Amara and G.R.L. recorded the track and it nearly wasn't included on the album.

Millionaire - Just like in most hip hop songs, Amara sings and raps about how much money she has. Amara raps more than singing in this song, leading people to believe this is a sequel to Amara's song from A "Amara's Rap (Motherfucker)".

Someday In Our Lives featuring Young Prince - After recording a song titled "Rapping It Up" for Prince's album of the same name, Amara and Prince wrote this song, and in March 2014 Amara found the lyrics and called up Prince, they recorded it and when they were happy with it, Amara put it on her album.

Hurts with Idina Menzel - Amara wrote this song after recalling a bad experience when she was a teenager. Amara decided she wanted to make the song a duet, so she teamed up with Broadway and film diva Idina Menzel for this amazing power ballad. We really hope this is a future single.

Horrify featuring LaQuaria Ghetti - The official soundtrack single from the movie The Eyes which stars Amara and LaQuaria Ghetti. The album version slightly extends the original song.

And there is the review for Amara's surprise new album. First there was Beyonce, then Jane Mik, and now Amara.

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