It's Adrianna Morgan here bringing you the music section of our Springfield Shopper paper. Now we will be chatting to one of the famous musicians that made our little town Springfield a hot spot, here is our interview with singer Amara!

Adrianna: So tell us, will your next album Physical  be any different from your previous release A?

Amara: It is completely different from A, it has more themes of club experiences, love and romance, failed relationships and fame. It is full of great songs and we have great collaborations planned, and i'm hoping that Nick Riverra calls me back about a song that I wrote.

Adrianna: I have heard You Ain't Gettin This Boy and Say, should we expect any more new releases soon?

Amara: Yes, I have another single due out soon called L-O-V-E and it features Faces. The producer from Faces is my boyfriend so you can expect we will be making some more hits soon.

Adrianna: Who would you like to collaborate with most?

Amara: I would say Britney Spears, she does amazing songs and when I first heard Work Bitch I was thinking "Oh I need to cover this" but I never got around to it. So a possible Work Bitch cover and collaboration with Britney herself could be coming your way!

Adrianna: In 2012 what made you change your image?

Amara: Rapsta Chik did, even though at the time she was slightly unknown apart from a slightly succesful EP that got in to the charts but not very far. But my good girl image was already changing slightly, I appeared in a Bart Simpson song in 2011, I released a single and an EP the next year, then on stage I made my full transformation with Smokin' This Hun with Joshua Riverra.

Adrianna: What would you say to your fans out there?

Amara: Never give up on your dream. I mean i never gave up and look at me now!

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