These are the tweets people sent after hearing about Helena Fasesha giving birth to her first daughter.

Rapsta Chik: I was there when Helena had Anika, me and Amara were in the waiting room. We had to stop the tour bus at a nearest hospital. Good Luck Helena and Dan, now you feel my joy as a parent! LOL

Amara: So happy for you Helena! Me and Amanda will be there for you and Anika on that tour bus if you need us!

Felicia: Helena Fasesha is a mom now! Congrats!

Young Prince: Super happy for Helena Fasesha! Good Luck! Anika is a very lucky baby!


Nick Riverra: Good Luck Helena!

Joshua Riverra: Good Luck! Promise me you'll play her Loud!

Sarah Muntz: Helena Fasesha I can tell theres more to come! #CongratulationsIt'sAGirl

Bart Simpson: Wow just wow! Let me and Amanda know if you want us to babysit!

LaQuaria Ghetti: Heard about Anika and Helena! Congrats gurl! WE <3 U!

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