In April the electronic duo Faces announced their hiatus, to see how their solo careers work out, and for now it looks like their careers together as a group work better, as TRAKZ's EP is failing on the charts, Rachel seems to be doing better though, with her hit singles "Battles" and "POWR", with "POWR" being her highest charting single so far, peaking at number 10 in the Springfield Hot 20 Singles. But now after the release of both their solo records, the duo have confirmed their hiatus is over. As at midnight a track's audio was uploaded to Faces official VEVO channel. The track is called "Danzfloor" with Diplo. We are so excited for this collaboration! Does this mean that their solo careers are ended, and it was just a test? But whatever, The single will be released August 2, 2014, and will be their first single off their second album, due for release in December.

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