Hey there. It's Adrianna Morgan and today's a very special day. Felicia's new album, After Hours, has been released. It has already sold 10.000 digital copies in the US and is set to end the week selling around 100.000. That's a lot! We have decided to review this album as everyone is in love with it. We would've never expected Felicia to be as big as she is!

  • "After Hours": The third single released in March 2014. It has by far become the most successful song from the album. Its catchy dance beat had everyone dancing in the clubs during the last three months. It has still to peak at number one in Springfield or the US, but we're confident it will soon. We can't stop listening to it and it's the best choice to open the album.
  • "World Go Round": An awesome pop song in which Felicia doesn't rap. In it, she sings about a guy who makes her world go round. I wouldn't call this song a stand-out, but it's enjoyable when you want to listen to some good pop music.
  • "I Don't Care": This song is a highlight and my personal choice for a fourth single. In it, Felicia tells her lover "I don't care what you're doing tonight" and sings a few runs that make us think how in the world a 17 year old can sing so well. In addition, when you think you had heard it all, JayDee starts rapping unexpectedly during the bridge completing an even more amazing song.
  • "Now": The second single, in my opinion, one of the best songs that hasn't had the success it deserves. It was released in November last year receiving little promotion. It's still one of my favorites, and one of the most intimate songs in the album, alongside the first single.
  • "I am the Queen": A wacky hip hop song in which Felicia raps about her success, something we would have not liked to hear. This may be the least good song in the album, however it seems it's one of Felicia's favorites. I wouldn't be surprised if it is released as the fourth single.
  • "I'm Leaving Home" featuring Young Prince: The first single released back in July 2013. The song became a viral hit right after its release and has proven to be one of the best hip hop songs of the 2010s. In it, Felicia and her older brother Prince get intimate about their childhood and Felicia's abusive relationship with Michael D'Amico.
  • "Bikini": Felicia had already premiered this song in January 2014 when she performed it live on tour. But we hadn't seen how awesome it was with the participation of duo Faces. The dance-hip hop song features Felicia rapping her heart out with Rachel Layton doing backing vocals and singing the chorus, with the addition of production by Young Prince and DJ TRAKZ.
  • "Fix You": A powerful alternative rock anthem that will make you want to cry while you're listening it. Felicia discusses today's beauty standards, bullying and suicide. In it, she tells her young followers "let nobody try to fix you".
  • "Bombs" featuring Alex da Kid: Featuring vocals, songwriting and production from Alex da Kid, "Bombs" is in my opinion one of the best rap songs on the album. You can notice Felicia was younger when she recorded it, but she still had the same power in her vocals she has today and that makes the song a stand-out.
  • "Battlefield": In this pop ballad, Felicia tells us everything she had to go through to reach the top. Throughout the whole song you can only hear her voice and a piano. It's a change from what we usually see from Felicia, but we like it very much.
  • "Come and Get Me" featuring Valentina Artusi: This may be the best female collaboration of the year. In "Come and Get Me" Valentina Artusi, an up and coming Latin American singer-songwriter, lends her vocals to the second verse and bridge in which, in our opinion, Felicia and her are having a diva-off. A country ballad, the song has to be in our opinion a single.

And that's all. All in all, we would give the album a 4 out of 5. We're in love with it and we're sure everybody will be.

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