Rapsta Chik has leaked her full album online before the official iTunes release. We review all 14 songs on the standard edition of her new album I Love It.

Track 1: Victim feat. Victim was released as the second single in November 2013. The song produced by features Rapsta rapping on a big hip-hop electro beat while performs the chorus.

Track 2: Work It feat. Azealia Banks: Work It is probably one of the best songs on the album. Chik and Banks rapped "If you like it, I'm gonna work it, put my hands on my hips immma twerk it."

Track 3: Dum Dum: If you haven't heard this song then you are not a true Chik fan. That's all I'm gonna say.

Track 4: I Love It: Cover of a song by Icona Pop, same beat same lyrics. look it up!

Track 5: Insane with Kelly Clarkson: Great pop-rock ballad but still waiting for a music video!

Track 6: Miss Chik feat. Lady Gaga: House/Disco tune where Gaga sings on the chorus "I'm Gaga, put yo paws up monsters, but she miss Chik, If you don't know her then yo a dumb bitch"

Track 7: Car Journey (#EVENMOREBANGINREMIX) feat. Felicia: Do I have to explain? It's obviously a louder and faster remix of Chiks song Car Journey! DUH!

Track 8: #SEXYLADY feat Robin Thicke: This song is sounds kind of like a mix of Thicke's Blurred Lines and Chik's VaJJ.

Track 9: Hashtag Rapsta Chik: Rapsta songs about how when she made a comeback she was a Twitter trending topic rapping "I got back on ma feet, Then I was a trending' tweet"

Track 10: KOKAKOLA feat Young Prince: This song is one of the best songs on the album, it is Fuck with Me by Young Prince meets Bad Girls by M.i.a. and Candy Shop by 50 Cent.

Track 11: I Want You Forever: A sweet piano and drum ballad with Chik singing about true love.

Track 12: I'm A Rebel: A disco track where Chik talks about her rebellious behaviour when she was a teenager.

Track 13: I'm A Rebel (Fatboy Slim Remix): Electro-house remix of I'm A Rebel.

Track 14: #KINDERGARTEN feat. Helena Fasesha: A club banger that is as banging as fuck!

Ok well that's the album. Hopefully Chik's future releases will be as interestin.

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