LaQuaria revealed a while back that she is working on her album and an EP will start up the countdown to the summer, when LaQuaria says she will release the album. The album will feature her chart topping single Boss Ass Bitch from her EP Like A Drug. And also the lead single from LaQuaria's album has been chosen. The single is called Hell Yeah and LaQuaria said it would feature about 3 or 4 artists. LaQuaria recently tweeted Hell Yeah will feature Sonny Wilson, Rapsta Chik, Tyga, Flo Rida and Hit-Boy, thats 5 ARTISTS!! Plus LaQuaria said she will premiere the track on Easter (TOMORROW!!!) and officially release it on May 13! LaQuaria Ghetti is officially a close second to Nicki Minaj!

Hell Yeah (feat. Sonny Wilson, Rapsta Chik, Tyga, Flo Rida, Hit-Boy) will be available May 13, 2014

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