Trio3 album name and "School's Out" ft. Austin Greyhound and Rapsta Chik leaks.Edit

Trio3's debut single "Dance With You" ft. Isla Chan is becoming a sensation, making it in the top 10 in many countries. And last night they performed a cover of 5SOS's "Amnesia" with Felicia. Now a new pop-rock track called "School's Out" featuring a verse by Austin Greyhound and a feisty rap by Rapsta Chik has leaked. It is unclear if this is the second single from the album, or not, but we sure hope so. Also, the album name is revealed to be simply "Three". We can't wait for the album, and to see if the new song is released as the second single. 

Isla Chan confirms her actual second studio album will be released in December!Edit

Back in June we thought that a song called "Heart" was the lead single from her second album, but it turns out that it was a single for her new EDM EP of the same name. But Isla's actual album will be released in December, and a single is sure to be released in September or October. She has said the lead single has been chosen and is an emotional ballad.

LaQuaria Ghetti performes "On Da Dancefloor" for the first time live and announces US tourEdit

LaQuaria Ghetti's new song "On Da Dancefloor" featuring DJ TRAKZ was performed live for the first time as she was the opening act on the Livin' Life Tour. She performed 5 songs and closed her setlist with the EDM club hit. She sounds amazing singing the song live. And this isn't the only time she will be performing it, as she has announced her new US only tour. "The Samantha Tour" will kick off in late September, and she has already announced her setlist. She is so happy about her tour, and we are loving the setlist!

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