This is Adrianna Morgan with all your music news of June and July 2014.

Isla Chan new single "Heart" ft. DVBBSEdit

Isla Chan has confirmed her next album will be mostly focused on house music, and the new single will be released in July. Following the new original song "We Gon Party" featuring which is confirmed not to appear on the album. The official lead single is "Heart" featuring Canadian production duo DVBBS, known for their viral song "Tsunami". Chan has released teaser videos of the song, one featured a snippet of the song (which sounds AMAAAZING!). And a teaser video of the music video with no sound. Also, the song is actually the title track of the album, which means the album is also called Heart. The song will be released on July 7, 2014, and the song will make its official premiere on June 25, 2014.

Rachel Layton "Battles" new music videoEdit

A new music video for a solo acoustic version of Rachel Layton's hit single Battles has been released. It features her performing the song in a recording studio. Do you think a version for her new single "POWR" is coming up? I hope so!

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