I am Adrianna Morgan and here is your new music news

Sarah Muntz's feisty new single!Edit

Yes, Sarah Simpson or Muntz or whatever you wanna call her, has released her latest single featuring a guest appearance from the queen (or princess) herself Rapsta Chik! The song Queen Of Springfield came on iTunes and no one expected it, much like Beyonce's self titled fifth album.

Rapsta Chik has not rapped on any of her latest singles?Edit

I can't believe I just realized, on any of her new tracks from her upcoming sixth album, Rapsta Chik never rapped on any of them! Should Have Left It Alone may have featured rapping from her friend fellow rapper Young Prince but none from Chik herself, same with 2nd and 3rd singles Love Song and You Love Me. Even the previously released single TWERK featuring Helena Fashesa doesnt count (even though it did feature Chik rapping) because it was released back in July! We do love you Rapsta but we just miss your rapping on your singles.

Faces, the new electronic duo are getting big and they havent even released the single yet!Edit

Electronic duo Faces have their debut single Everything I Loved out soon and they are getting big already. Rachel Layton and Adam Preston (known as DJ TRAKZ) are now being called the American version of British electronic duo AlunaGeorge. TRAKZ is more known for producing Amara (TRAKZ/Preston's girlfriend) and Bart Simpson's single Freak and Layton is more known for her debut single Samurai. Now Faces are being recruited on many of big popstars upcoming albums. TRAKZ will be featured on Bart Simpsons first EP, Layton will be feaured on LaQuaria Ghetti's first EP and the two together as Faces will be featured on Isla Chan's debut record.

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