At Springfield Shopper we report about these albums a lot, but we need to tell you our top 5 upcoming album list for 2013 and 2014.

1: Rapsta Chik: I Love It (out January 3, 2014)

The first album of 2014 and possibly the album of the year, but Rapsta has another album due out in Mid 2014 so the I Love It album's reign would not be for long.

2: Young Prince: Rapping It Up (out December 19, 2013)

Nearly a year after his first album Young Prince, Low Price, the Brooklyn rapper has a special album planned for us, with contributions from Amara, Jane Mik and his music buddy and good friend Rapsta Chik. The album was confirmed in January 2013 but Rapsta Chik has said she new about the album since December 2012 when their first two collaborations leaked. This album is sure to hit number 1 the minute it comes out and we hope he will keep up the album in December theme next year.

3: Amara: A (out December 6, 2013)

Amara was once a cute pop-rock singer with a cheeky attitude and a debut EP with a Miley Cyrus cover on it, but then something snapped in her and she lost it on stage and suddenly began to sing a song about cannabis titled Smokin' This Hun (later used as the lead single from her album). After Smokin' This Hun was released she confirmed the name of the album is A. We still look forward to A even though it will not be as charming as her debut EP "One Of You", but A does have collabs with Jane Mik and the Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga. A's second single Kizz My Lipz will be released in October.

4: Bart Simpson: Feelin' Alive (out November 30, 2013)

Bart returnes with his fourth album after not releasing one for six years (no album since 2008!). Bart had some writing help from Helena Fasesha and some production help from his wife Rapsta Chik, but according to him, he had vocal contributions from both singers.

5: Helena Fasesha: Treasure Chest (out January 12, 2014)

This album is Fasesha's debut to music and is a fine one indeed, four singles are released from the album and the album features a very special appearance from Felicia (or as Fasesha calls her "Young Princess" which is a reference to her being Young Prince's brother).

OK so that is our top 5 upcoming albums, keep in mind that more albums are coming such as Jane Mik's debut, Felicia's debut and Rapsta's sixth.

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