To celebrate her second (and successful) attempt at a rise to fame. Rapsta Chik will perform her own two-day concert. Rapsta's first attempt at fame was in 2007 when she released her debut mixtape. Rapsta's attempt failed and she returned in 2011 with an EP (still not succesful) and in early 2012 she released an album that still did not chart. It wasn't until December 22, 2012 that Rapsta made a more succesful attempt. To celebrate she will release a third TGIF remix. The concert is titled 2 Days Of Chikmas and will take place on December 24 (Christmas Eve) and December 25 (Christmas Day). Rapsta tweeted "I hope u all like #2DAYSOFCHIKMAS because I rejected a Christmas date with my husband to do this!". So buy your tickets to see Rapsta perform at The Quimby Arena & Stadium now! Remember, Rapsta decided to perform for her "Chikadees" instead of spending time with her family!

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