Rapsta Chik has a special interview, Rapsta Chik spills lots on this Q&A!

Q: so Rapsta, I hear you and Bart Simpson have been remarried

A: Yeah, I hate him and love him, but I love him more, and besides my parents would kill me if Delia and Ryan grew up illegitimate.

Q: You are good friends with Young Prince, right.

A: Yes, he's designing my cover art for my album, I haven't seen it yet but I know it will be great!

Q: So how you feel about the time Bart cheated on you?

A: Very mad!, thanks for the reminder... bitch!

Q: Do you have any song previews

A: Yes (see below)

Q: What song previews do you have for us

A: The Noise and Get Yourself Back Home remix (see below)

Q: How did you feel about this interview

A: It felt like a waste of time! Bye Bitch!

The previews were The Noise where she gave us the line "d-d-dem freaks freaks d-d-dem freaks dem" and "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose" and Get Your Self Back Home Remix "Get over here honey get your butt back home"

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