Hey its Adrianna Morgan, and I will be reviewing Rapsta Chik's amazing new self titled album, originally named Ceramic Doll II: 2014 Edition. In this album Rapsta Chik goes for a more EDM style, while still maintaining her original hip hop sound on many other tracks.

Track 1: Do Dat Shit (feat. PTAF): Do Dat Shit was released on May 31, 2014 as the fourth single from the album. It is a funky hip hop track, featuring female rap group PTAF, know for their viral single "Boss Ass Bitch" which was famously remixed by LaQuaria Ghetti.

Track 2: Girl Problems: This hardcore hip hop song produced by Swizz Beatz samples the line "If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son" from Jay Z's 2004 hit "99 Problems". The chorus repeats "I feel bad for you son" over and over. And features a short interlude and a breakdown.

Track 3: Makin' Money: Mike WiLL Made it produced this two minute thirty eight second track, and even contributes speaking vocals to the song's catchy chorus "I be makin' them racks, lots of money in my bank, makin' it everyday, I be makin' money, I be makin' money, i be makin' money, I be makin' money". It was released as a promotional single on June 26, 2014.

Track 4: TWERK (feat. Helena Fasesha): This song was released around a year ago, featuring British singer Helena Fasesha singing the chorus. The album version is slightly shortened than the single version released a year ago. It is a mixture of hip hop and EDM. Rapsta has performed the single in mashups with "Should Have Left It Alone".

Track 5: Reach For The Stars (feat. Tupac Shakur): This song was released as the fifth single on May 31, 2014. This emotional hip hop ballad is about believing in yourself and not letting haters tear you down, also it features a posthumous appearence by late rapper 2Pac (credited as Tupac Shakur) who was Rapsta Chik's idol in the late 90's and even met him before his death in September 1996. Uncredited vocals by Rachel Layton were featured.

Track 6: 1999 (Simple Time) (2014 Remix) (feat. Amara): Rapsta's debut single was released when she was 13 back in 1999, then known under the name "Chiksta". Featuring vocals from her best friend Hailee Stone. The song was lost after release and a fan found it online. He released the song to YouTube, despite comments claming that the girl in the song was not Rapsta Chik. However Rapsta Chik confirmed that it is her in the song rapping as "Chiksta". Hailee Stone has since quit singing and went on to write successfull novels, and has written the screenplay for the movie "Night Visions" directed by Young Prince.

Track 7: 18 Carat Diamond Ring: This hip hop ballad was released as a promotional single on May 21, 2014. It is about her marraige to Bart Simpson, along with girls and boys being jealous of her due to the massive rock on her finger.

Track 8: You Love Me: Rapsta Chik shows off her powerful singing voice while Amara shows off her piano skills in this beautiful song. Another song about her marraige to Simpson. It sings about how their relationship was rocky from the start, but they love each other no matter what. The couple have recently announced they are expecting their third child to be born on December, as twins Delia and Ryan were born in January of 2013.

Track 9: Follow It Up: This Hit-Boy produced song "Follow It Up" features Chik rapping about her life right now. She is married, has two kids, has a succesfull rapping and singing career. She raps about her success and dares her competitors to follow her success with a classy "Follow that, bitches!". It is my personal favorite from the album as Chik's attitude in this song is aggresive and amazing.

Track 10: Ca$h (feat. Jane Mik): Rapsta Chik once again raps about money, with a chorus by Caribbean recording artist Jane Mik. Rapsta keeps it clean in this song as Mik is a clean artist. Rapsta originally wrote the song as a hip hop song, and intended to put Rihanna on vocals. Rihanna featured on another of Chik's tracks, and Chik changed the style to a pop song, and removed the explicit words to ask if Mik would feature on the song.

Track 11: Should Have Left It Alone (feat. Young Prince): One of the many other collaborations between Chik and Prince. This M.I.A. electroclash song was released in mid-January as the lead single from the album. The song starts off with a nice slow beat, until the tempo changes and the song speeds up. For Prince's verse the song slows down again. The song was one of her lowest charting singles, even though it was one of her most anticipated. We love the song though, and the video was nominated for video of the year on the SVMA's.

Track 12: Love Song (vs. Cedric Gervais): Chik teams up with French producer Cedric Gervais for this EDM love song. Rapsta sings that she would do anything for someones love, even write them a love song. The song was nominated for two SVMA's, one for MTV Clubland Award and one for Best Female Video.

Track 13: SKREAM: SKREAM is a progressive house song, sampling "Call On Me" released nearly 10 years ago by Eric Prydz. Rapsta Chik raps over the heavy pumping beat with attitude and is very fast.

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