Rapsta Chik had a crazy but amazing performance at the Murder 4 Life rap concert, and we have the full story.

The Performance: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, It Grows On Rapsta ChikEdit

Rapsta Chik performed IH8U, Flashbacks and covers of Kesha's Crazy Kids and Azealia Banks's Atm Jam. Rapsta performed this with lingerie made out of money, crazy right?!

Backstage Interview: Posthumous Duet with 2PacEdit

The backstage interview with the crazy Chik went well, she revealed that being born in the mid-80's she didn't have a lot of rap heroes until in the 90's she fell in love with rap after going to a concert when she was twelve and hearing some inspiring words from Tupac "2Pac" Shakur and recording a short rap he did to her, she still has that rap and plans to put it in her own inspiring song in the future.

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