Rapsta Chik's self titled sixth album is heading up charts everywhere right now just a month after its release. But has also released six new 15 second instagram snippets of new songs. Rapsta Chik also released the DJ TRAKZ remix of single Can't Stop Me. Rapsta Chik has decided to move away from doing rap-pop songs and has taken a new style, pop isn't her style any more and she now does hip-hop, electronic, and EDM. Rapsta has teased her new style in all 15 second teasers, the full songs are supposed to appear on a 2015 album, and the first single will probably be released in a few months and will be one of those six songs. The first song she teased was "Forget", a trap/electronic banger, then she teased "Home" featuring Austin Greyhound, an emotional hip hop ballad which seems to be about Rapsta Chik's life from child to teenager to superstar rapper, with a chorus from Greyhound. Then the other four ("Save Me", "Not Like Her", "Pray For You" and "28") were more of a mix of electronic and hip-hop. We really want to see what all the songs hear like in full, and we just cannot wait for the album.

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